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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Mental illness is breaking out all over!"

Mental illness is breaking out all over!

Mental illness seems to be falling off a mountain like an avalanche. A lot of things seem to be happening at once and this causes me to feel a lot of pain and sorrow in my heart.

I have a cousin who's wife recently suffered some sort of break down. Her problem has something to do with obsessive compulsive behaviors. The worst part is that she wants to keep it a secrete - as if life can just go on without anyone knowing that there was a problem. We'll the problem with this is that it's never the case that there was a problem and suddenly everything can go on like nothing ever went wrong. Wanting to hide this sort of thing and pretend that it can never happen again (as if it's somehow over) is a sure path to suicide. I just hope the people in my family who are on the front line in this situation won't let her get away with this fantasy of denial.

I have a sister and brother in law who are getting separated - which will do both of them a lot of good. However my brother in law has had some sort of childhood sexual abuse. To the best of my understanding this is something he's not willing to work on. I don't know much about the specifics in his case, but I know from my own experience a lot of quiet time is very beneficial for sorting out these kinds of memory problems. Not to be insensitive, but if my sister is going to live in another state this should be a step in the right direction for him. He'll get the quiet time he needs.

Also as Ann mentioned that my one of my sister's biological sister jumped over the Golden Gate Bridge. It seems to be the case that she must have suffered some sort of delusional episode. I understand she was a very gifted classical music person who wrote a lot of music of her own. It seems like this sort of thing always happens around to lots of people when they are 30 something years old. I think our minds go through changes in our 30's which not many people understand or talk about. I hope in some future generation there will be more understanding.

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