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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Things I do not understand"

Things I do not understand

When you don't win something on eBay, why they send you a list of other 'similar' items that you might be interested in, that are not at all similar.

Why some people are freaked out by the slightest thing/how weak some people's stomachs are/bland their tastes are.

Affected lisps in some gay men.

The soulless weblog that just lists funny links, like 'Virtual Garbage Disposal' or 'Lizard Enemas' or 'Gucci Fashion Accessories for Your Cat' or 'Fart-in for Peace'. This is especially troubling (for me) when no commentary is offered for said link, just the link itself. It's so much like my post of a while back, 'It's Not Funny Anymore' where I ponder the futility of gag gifts and the ephemeral moment of 'ha funny'. It's as if the only meaning is in that single second of 'ha ha what a funny link' and once it's scrolled off the weblog (or the link is broken/webpage has disappeared) there is no meaning. Maybe that's the point, that there is no meaning. Period. I think that's sad. Why develop a writing style when you can just link to other pages without having to think? Are our ideas really so fugitive and meaningless?

Pledging to be a virgin until you're married. Oh please. People who are engaged to be married and 'hold out' until the wedding day because they truly believe a piece of paper and a clergy's blessing changes everything.

The trend of looking absolutely hideous. I'm not saying people should try to look like fashion models and if they don't succeed, throw in the towel and never be seen again in public, but isn't it only natural to want to look the best you can given your own personal limitations? (and that *doesn't* mean following fashions) Birds are attracted to other birds with lovely plumage. Flies dance to attract a mate, hence, dancing is a form of making the fly 'attractive.' All throughout the animal kingdom, animals seek beautiful mates. People naturally seek beauty. Then why do some people seem to try to be the most homely as possible *on purpose*, sort of in a conscious defiance of nature? 'Look how un-shallow I am...I will not wash, give myself an ugly haircut, wear stupid clothes and not brush my teeth just to show the world that I am deeper than the superficial ones.' Isn't that a form of superficiality in and of itself?

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