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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Jumbled DREAMs"

Jumbled DREAMs

1) I was at my parent's house and was taking Plato out to poop in their backyard, which is fenced, but I had him on a leash. He runs toward the back of the yard and grabs something in his mouth and brings it to me. I'm standing next to my mom, and he jumps up to her and shows her what he has, which appears to be some black mittens. I think there was more to the dream besides that, but can't remember it.

2) I am walking with Stan and we are carrying suitcases and assorted luggage. We are around the east side of the 100 block of North First Street, heading toward East Washington. For some reason, Stan's arm or hand gets tired, so he leaves one suitcase behind. I ask him what the heck he's doing and he tells me he can't carry it anymore. I ask him why he didn't ask me to carry it then, instead of just leaving it there. I run back to get the left-behind suitcase. I think Stan is behaving very strangely.

3) I had to carry both dogs for some reason, at once. I couldn't manage it, so I left one of them behind.

Can't get any more mundane than these dreams, especially when I just discovered via my referrals today that this site comes up #1 on Google for 'Dream Pink Floyd.' Can you beat that?

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