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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs - Some rather odd ones"

DREAMs - Some rather odd ones

1) I was with a bunch of people, mixed gender. I think they were all younger than me, or maybe I was younger than me in the dream--I can't recall. Everyone seemed early 20s, and they all seemed like well-scrubbed popular shiny smiley happy people, not like the kind of people I'd be hanging out with (that doesn't mean I'm an unkempt dull frowning depressed loner [it only appears that way when I wake up in the morning]...maybe my description of them should be more along the lines of just 'stepford people.' Yeah, that's it...reminds me of a dream that Tim had once where he described his perfect classroom with 'stepford students,' yet I digress). We were in some sort of building, and everyone had to find the bathroom. I walk into the women's restroom, but for some reason the door to my stall doesn't close properly, so I have to leave it open. Fortunately, no one else is in the bathroom and can't see me, although I can see other people in the hall through some sort of glass door. For some reason, it's taking me a long time, and then the stepford people start filtering in to the women's bathroom and start congregating right in my stall! It doesn't matter to them that my pants are down by my ankles and I'm on the john, it doesn't matter to them at all. They wouldn't leave, and I needed to--you know--wipe myself--but didn't know how to do it surreptitiously so that they wouldn't see. But what would they care? They were a bunch of grinning idiots.

2) I think I was with the same group of shiny stepfords as above, but some of them were getting on some mode of transportation to leave (and not a moment too soon). I was waving 'bye' to them...I don't know why. Then for some reason, I'm on their mode of transportation, which quite frankly, is invisible. It's like there *was* no mode of transportation, and we were all falling out of the sky (uh shuttle nightmare) and we had to hang on tightly to eachother and entertwine our legs so that we'd form some sort of human spacecraft in which we could tumble safely to earth. It might have been wonderful if the people I was with were lustworthy, but unfortunately most of them seemed like perfume counter women.

3) I was listening to the radio (IRL I really was as I was sleeping, but it was only NPR news) and there was some announcer talking about Pink Floyd and quoting something that Roger Waters had supposedly said (in the context of this dream, that is, not IRL) which was something like looking back he was glad that he was obscure and still alive rather than dead and famous or something like that.

After I woke up, I had to think 'was there really something on the radio about Pink Floyd or Roger?' It seemed so real, but then again, I had a dream the other night that Stan was starting to make love to me while he thought I was asleep, and I swore that he really was, but after I questioned him he swore that I was just dreaming it. Weird.

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