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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Psychic CD"

Psychic CD

You know, it's getting weird to be so psychic. Or maybe it's being a 'strong sender.' Why, just the other day, I realized that I never got my free, complimentary Bitstream Type Odyssey 2 CD (I have 30 Dingbatcave fonts on it, and all contributors were supposed to get a free CD for participating). I was thinking that I needed to contact them and inquire about it. Well, just today, I see a package inside the door. Expecting it to be a Pink Floyd cd that I bought on eBay, I was surprised to see the seller shipped it via UPS instead of regular mail. Upon further inspection, I was even MORE surprised to see that the The Dingbatcave was in the address. How did the seller know that? Well, it wasn't the Floyd CD, it was the Bitstream CD! Someone heard me wondering...

There's a shipload of fonts on this thing. And if I had it back 7 years ago, after I got my own Mac and was starting to go freelance, I'd be in font orgasmic heaven. And don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have it, it was owed me as promised in the contract and it will come in very handy. But ironies and truths be told, I'd still be more excited if it was the Floyd CD.

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