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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Stan and flower"

DREAM - Stan and flower

For some reason, Stan was mad at me. It was very surreal and hard to explain...he was at work, but I could somehow see him and access his 'workstation.' I was at home, however, looking at our jade plant. It was putting out profuse roots on the branches, and it was almost as if the individual branches were separating from the main branches and creating their own plantlets and becoming epiphytes on the main plant. There were also flowers on it, strange, large, peony-type flowers that were pink and purple and yellow and steel grey. They look like some large cut dried flowers I've seen but have a hard time describing. They were huge. I pull off a stem that is attached to a large flower, and put it at Stan's workstation. He is not there, but there's like a receptionist woman there who tells me that Stan will be back soon. I can see the workstation from where I am at home, and Stan is now there and he waves the stem at me as if to say 'I got it, thanks!' I think he also looked younger, like the way he did when we first started going out. It left me with a very strange, uncomfortable feeling.

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