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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Silly Seinfeldian Naughtiness (again)"

Silly Seinfeldian Naughtiness (again)

Last week, Plato was spazzing out in a way that was reminiscent of Cosmo Kramer. I told Stan, 'He's like Kramer.' It made us remember that just a few days prior to that, we had made mention that Hieronymus was like a dirty little boy, like George Costanza...(auto stimulation on your 'parent's' couch, anyone?). Then it hit us. Persephone, our only female pet, is Elaine, and Caligula, the pet who would be 'the straight man' is Jerry. Yup, we have the cast of Seinfeld in our house. (Who is evil neighbor dog?) We've even started calling Caligula 'Little Jerry' instead of his original 'Little Boots' (which is what Caligula means). But the main point of distinction is that in the 'real' Seinfeld, 'Little Jerry' is a cock, whereas our 'Little Jerry' is a pussy.

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