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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Freaky DREAMs"

Freaky DREAMs

I had a small puppy and was keeping it in an alcove with a window above it. It kept jumping up toward the window, which was a very strangely shaped quatrefoil-style stained glass window, and I thought, 'eventually it's going to be large enough to jump up into the window and escape.'

I was at some sort of dinner with relatives of Stan. Stan was cooking it, and people were helping themselves to food cafeteria-style in the kitchen. By the time I went into the kitchen to get some food myself, I was most baffled because I couldn't find any plates or silverware. I didn't know what to do. Also there were these huge servings of meat...whole small chickens, whole small pigs, halves of very large fish. Everything was covered in sort of a brown sweet sauce, like barbecue. I didn't want to take just one piece of meat and eat just that, I wanted to break of small pieces of all the meats, but couldn't do that without knives. It must have been rather traumatic because I wake myself up flailing and moaning and kicking.

Stan and I were with Tim and perhaps some other people in a restaurant. I was drinking and telling strange stories. Everyone seemed fascinated, but I forgot what I was talking about. It was all rather surreal. I think there was a large theatre hall there as well. Then an ex-grad school prof of Stan's (Ken Ray) makes an appearance and he has this very strange mechanical doll. We're sitting on the floor and he winds it up and it's extremely freaky because this doll crawls along the floor and heads toward me. It reminds me of some scary movie I saw as a tenager where there's this voodoo doll that comes to life and it's dark and crusty looking. Ken's doll's mouth is moving and it looks at my butt and starts to try to bite my butt. I'm trying to kick the thing away (it's just a doll, right?) but it's very strong, so I'm using all my strength to hold it back. Then it crawls into a closet and Ken crawls in after it to retrieve it. Damn weird. Then we're walking through Stan's biomom's Inn, but all the rooms are connected to eachother, no walls. It's more like an antique mall rather than inn rooms. Then we're driving in some car and I pull down the visor. The sky is an unreal sort of blue.

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