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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Rough Draft"

Rough Draft

My dream about barbecued pigs inspired me to eat barbecue pig. Over ribs at Famous Dave's, Stan and I were discussing his dream and the characters/personalities and environments contained within. The character of 'Keto' was so reminiscent of people we knew at grad school. I told him that Keto would probably have a doctor's excuse to get out of taking the three-credit academic credit. We actually knew people who were so mentally challenged that they really tried to get out of taking their required non-art course! I am not making this up! The old character of ours, August, also came up. I invented (or shall I say, August came to me) in the early 80s. He had long dishwater blond hair tied back in a ponytail with goatee and always wore a beret. August was an intellectual artiste and one picture or print I drew of him, he was wearing an 'Eno is God' shirt. That was before I discovered Eno for myself and my view on him (Eno, not August) changed forever. Then we discussed Terry Mattheson, the little brown nosing overachiever who we wrote fake papers by in Art History that always won him a steady 'B.' After discussing these three individual characters, Keto, August and Terry, and how they fit into the scheme of things in graduate school, i.e., 'The Deathcamp (Ann)' or 'The Locker Room (Stan),' Stan says to me, 'So, are we ready to make our 'Animals' album yet?' I hadn't even thought about that, but this cracked me up so much, because yes, there we had our own distinct categories of people, or shall I say, grad school student artists. We have Keto, (The Sheep) who wiled away his time in his studio grassland grazing amongst his art supplies, doing what was told by the teachers, puttering with his paintings, a rather Kurt Vonnegut sort of image. He gets by probably on some sort of defective disability stipend. We have Terry Mattheson (The Dog), the one who was destined to become a teacher himself, always getting the right job to succeed in academia, student teaching, assistantships, advanced brownnosing. And last we have August (The Pig), but wait, there's three different kinds of Augusts, just like Pigs (Three Different Ones)! This ties in so well with a painting I did in the mid-late 80s called 'Three Sensitive Fort Collins Men I Wish I'd Never Known' which was a picture of three Augusts, essentially. August doesn't teach; he's too good for that. He has other ways to get by:There's August who runs a gallery, there's August who lives on NEA and assorted grants, and then there's August the trustafarian.

There you have it.

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