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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs from The Past Three Nights"

DREAMs from The Past Three Nights

Forgotten dream of 2.8.03

I was in a large student art supply store, sort of like the University Bookstore in Madison or the student center at CSU, but the selection was much larger, more like a commercial art supply store in Denver or something. I was picking out a bunch of chalk pastels (I haven't worked in chalk pastel in ages!) and then I took them up to the check-out place, except there the person just verified what you had instead of taking your money. I had a small purse with me (like a paisley magenta one I used to have back in the 80s) and the woman at the checkout line said that in the future I couldn't bring my purse in with me. I asked her how was I supposed to pay for my stuff if I had nowhere to put my wallet? She implied that she couldn't help me with that, but just for future reference... Then I went to the 'main' check out aisle toward the door (this is sort of like how I remember Meininger's in Denver worked). I had since put all my pastels in my purse, and then when I went to take them out of my purse, they were all broken. I was devastated. They were all in little bits and powder.

Dream of 2.9.03

A very strange dream. I think it was our friend Russ who came to our door and said he tried to visit us back on Grant Street (where we lived over 14 years ago in Colorado!) but that we didn't answer the door (duh!) and by the way, there was someone else looking for us there as well, a woman with a small daughter and a man. I asked him if he could remember their names and all he could come up with was 'Barry Levinson' for the man. I think, if I'm not mistaken, IRL Barry Levinson is the guy who runs the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum. Weird.

Dream of 2.10.03

I was with some people, I can't remember if it was a work or school type situation, (either of which is removed from me currently) and it was shortly after Halloween, but too far after it to still be in 'costume mode.' However, I was dressed up in a very strange costume. I was some sort of female Indian diety that I think I've seen before, but not sure what is (The Indian Art History class I took 12 years ago escapes me at the moment). I was even sitting like her, cross-legged with my feet folded upwards on my legs instead of under them, my arms bent upwards at the elbows with my palms bent perpendicular to my arms, facing upward. People were staring at me, really staring at me, marvelling at my costume. I had my face made up with heavy eye makeup so that my eyes didn't look very Caucasian. It was a bit unnerving to have people staring at me like that.

Stan, what's my diety?

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