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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Poodlegate"


I didn't forget about the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show this year, despite my self-imposed exile from the rest of the world especially tv. Actually, Tim told me he watched something on network tv about it, which reminded me, 'oh yeah, that does come on every year around this time.' We caught the first half of it last night (jesus, ads for tv shows are ssssooooo stupid if you haven't watched tv in a long while...a made-for-tv drama about Rudy Giullianni? Can we say propaganda machine?), but again, as every year, I was extremely disappointed in the winner of the Non-Sporting group. I'm getting sick of it. I smell a fix. And I've called it Poodlegate. See, the Non-Sporting group is my favorite group because it has three of my favorite dogs...Bulldog, French Bulldog and of course, Spaz, er, Boston Terrier (and this year's Boston Terrier's name was Cosmo! Can we say Cosmic? I just called Plato 'Cosmo' the other day in reference to his Bizarro Kramer self.) But do any of those push-faced dogs win? No. It's always a poodle, either Standard or Miniature. And when the Non-Sporting group fails to produce a Poodle winner, you can bet the Toy Group will have a Toy Poodle winner. Grrrr. Very Grrrr.

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