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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Surrealistic History Lesson"

Surrealistic History Lesson

Very surreal dream. First of all, I was with Stan and we were staying at a room at his bio mom's inn. There was a new bag of toiletries, this time the scent of the body cream and wash was different. I opened it up and it spurted out on the cap and I was trying to put it back inside the bottle/tube. Stan said it smelled really strong, but I couldn't smell anything at all. Then, Stan and I were talking and I was wondering rhetorically why there are more disney witches now than back 50, 100 years ago. Then we managed to scrounge up some old bound books and documents inside binders that explained that after WWII, scientists and politicians had done some research on some sort of astronomical defense/warfare but that it had proved not to work, so they brought it home to their wives (like bringing home a factory-f*ck-up widget that's not ready for consumer use) who had incorporated it into their modernistic girly June Cleaver paradigm, hence forming a culture of disney witches. I know it sounds really surreal, but it made sense in the dream.

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