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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Queen of Secret Nature"

Queen of Secret Nature

I don't remember who you could have been in your dream. I've always liked Kali and the dance of Shiva, but your dream sounds different. I looked in your Indian Art book and found something interesting.

Prajna-Paramita: is important to both Hindu and Buddhist thinking. Here are some lines from your book about her meaning:

"...she is Enlightening Wisdom (prajna) now gone to and abiding upon (ita) the Other Shore - That Other Shore (para), or Farther Bank, is the realm of ultimate truth and transcendental reality in contradistinction to This Shore - the bank on which we are standing, moving , and talking, fettered by desire, subject to suffering, steeped in ignorance - the realm of unenlightened beings. Thus our goddess Lotus, the ageless Mother Earth, the Magna Mater of Antiquity, procreative energy and fortune on the physical plane, now transfigured under the aspect of Prajna-Paramita, has become the queen of the spiritual kingdom attained through enlightenment (bodhi), representing the extinction (nirvana) of both individualized consciousness and the cosmic manifold of biological, human, and godly being."

There is something else I think I should mention about your dream:

"Julia Dream, dream that Queen -
Queen of all my dreams."

By Stan @ 20:29 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..