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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Hieronymus"


Our pug dog, Hieronymus has become very ill. One evening he was acting a little crabby and the next morning he was barfing blood with his food. This sudden turn for ill health took us by surprise, because he has been very active and happy. Now when I hold him I can tell that his strength is very low and he has that "I'll be crossing the river soon" smell about him. (Most people who have had an older cat or dog pass away know what this smell is like.)

According to my best understanding of the veterinary tests he is suffering from an auto immune disorder, and this condition has many potential causes. The problem is that his immune system is attacking his platelets in his blood. this means his blood won't clot. He is developing internal ulcerations and starting to loose blood internally. There are, of course endless tests and treatments available to try and root out the cause and return the immune system to normal. However most of the possible causes for his condition would be untreatable terminal conditions like pancreas disorders, cancer and other things which are loosing battles. Our pug is 12 years old and treatments, surgery or chemotherapy would be long shots at best.

Were trying to keep him comfortable, but I'll be very surprised if he lives through the night.

He has been a beautiful companion in our lives and well always remember and love our pug, and he is the first dog we've had together.

By Stan @ 20:29 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..