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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs, past and present"

DREAMs, past and present

DREAM 2.17.03

I found someone's website and they had dedicated some entry in a journal to me with pictures of me and the things I liked (it's very vague, but I think there were pictures of my animals, Stan, Pink Floyd, was rather cheesey, actually) and the headline was something like "Ann should be rich and famous!" with some subtext of *why* I should be famous (because I'm talented and good-looking, according to the site). I couldn't tell if it was being sarcastic, or authentic. I think I clicked away because either way it was spooky. Upon clicking, I think I went on to another dream. I really hate internet-related dreams. I hate them with a passion.

Stan and I were in a motel in a different city because I was there to pick up art from an art show. In the gallery as I stood at a table to sign out my pieces, the women working there were trying to get me to contribute financially to their gallery, like a patron or benefactor, or pledger. I was trying to explain to them that I didn't have any money. Back at the motel, I was leaving leaflets for Kinko's Copies (!?!) in the motel before we left, like I was on a religious crusade for Kinko's. Weird.

Also dreamt something about Stan and I being at home together and the doorbell rings. We're not expecting anyone, but Stan goes to the door and it's UPS delivering a lot of boxes. It seemed that Plato accidentally got into the entry way and I start to chase after him. Stan is keeping the door open to get the boxes, but he tells me that it's OK and Plato is allright and didn't get outside.

DREAM 2.15.03

I had these dreams a couple nights ago, but they were a bit disturbing (in very different ways from eachother). I didn't write them down at the time because I was trying to deal with a sick dog.

One of the dreams was very surreal. I felt like I was older than I am now, I think, but not sure, or maybe I was a ghost because I obviously travelled back in time. I don't know. I was in what appeared to be a city park. Roger Waters was there...he was young, like before he was even in Pink Floyd, but he looked different, like maybe older than his early 20s (which he would've been at the time), but I knew it was still him. He was sitting on a park bench and I sat down on the bench next to him and take his hand and start telling his future (because I'm from the future, right?). He looks at me strangely and I tell him that he has to believe me because I know the future. Despite the fact that I'm talking to Roger Waters and holding his hand (under normal conditions this would thrill me) the dream was highly eerie. I really don't want to know the future, even though the only future I knew in the dream was what had already happened in the past....if that makes sense.

The other dream I am in an old building, like my former high school. For some reason I'm running down all these staircases trying to get somewhere. The stairwells are made with yellow cinder brick with red paint on the handrails. I'm with a group of people and someone wants to rent a bus for a field trip or chartered trip or something, but the person in charge of renting it would have to pay $1000 for it, and they don't have the money. I'm sitting in a stairwell and see my dad. He's talking to a bunch of other students, who now look more college-age rather than high-school age. My dad is being unusually outgoing and sociable. I think he's talking to a woman who looked a lot like the actress who played Donna from Twin Peaks. He catches my eye and pretends to ignore me because he knows that I'd be embarrassed if he said "hi" to me, although I wanted him to say hi to me because I was seeing a side of my dad that I never saw before...the normal side. Then I'm running down more stairwells and end up in an area that leads to the outside. There's a bunch of plants in the hallway, and it's crowded with people waiting to go on this chartered trip. Then when they announce that the bus is loading, we have to run up the stairs again. There's a mad rush of people, and this one extremely ugly, legless, barrel-chested butchy-type woman gets trampled. No one stops to help her, except me. I really don't want to help her because I don't like her, (she was sort of a hybrid of someone unimportant I knew when I was a kid) but I feel obligated to because no one else is helping, however, helping her means I'll miss the field trip/chartered bus ride. It was a highly annoying dream. It was so..."young grasshopper...choose between saving the life of someone you dislike or go have fun and know you let someone die in pursuit of your own pleasure."

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