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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - I am not a Basketball Fan, so...why did I dream this?"

DREAM - I am not a Basketball Fan, so...why did I dream this?

They just keep getting more and more disturbing...

I was with Stan in a home that didn't really look like ours; it was too modern and the interiors were too light/white. I was working on my iBook in Bryce, trying to construct a spiral staircase with a lightsouce that lit it up from high up on the staircase. It wasn't like a wraught iron staircase; it was like one that was in an old dungeon or castle made out of bricks or stone. It was very closed, not open, so it was very hard to construct it in Bryce and getting the camera angle right. I wanted to make the light flicker, like lights do in Twin Peaks (I guess I would have to animate it, which I don't know how to do yet). Stan was acting crazy, babbling on about how since we can't communicate anymore, he should just end our relationship, but the way he phrased it it almost sounded like he wanted to end his life. I was doing my best to try and ignore him, thinking if I ignore him, it won't feed into his delusions. Then I said something like, "isn't it time to take Plato outside?" It sort of snapped him out of his funk, but the next thing I knew, he was outside with Plato, Plato was unleashed, and Stan was naked. It was also raining. I didn't want to run outside and tell him to put clothes on because I thought that would draw attention to it more than ignoring it would, but I was worried that he'd get arrested and Plato would run away.

And if you thought that was disburbing, try this one, special guest starring Shaquille O'Neal (or however you spell I know)

I was in a store or something, and a bunch of people had to line up against a wall...I don't know why. We were just standing there. I noticed I was standing next to a very tall black man; I looked up at him and he sort of looked some sports figure. I then realized it was Shaquille O'Neal. I was thinking, "you know, your average person would be absolutely thrilled to death to be in my spot right now...and here I could care less." Then all of us started dancing. I guess "Shaq" (that is his nick, isn't it?) liked the fact that I wasn't fawning all over him, so he started bumping up against me as we danced. It was very sexual. I realized I was a lot thinner than I am and I was wearing a lightweight long dress with slits on both sides that went up very high on my hips...sort of the kind of dress that would be impossible to wear underwear with because of the high slits (unless your underwear had suspenders to keep it on or something). Then the dream mutated into being with Stan in that store and we were looking at things behind the counter. They had some cheesey Asian imports...satin stuffed dice, tacky glittery glass stuff...junk.

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