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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : The First Pug Dog"

The First Pug Dog

Hieronyus was our first dog together, and he was a very sweet pug dog.

When he was a puppy we introduced him to Vladimere and Natasha who were our two cats at that time. Hieronyus was so cute the way he tried to jump around them and be a playful puppy. Our cats weren't use to dogs and they only hissed at him and ran away. Then we decided to get another cat so he would have someone to play with. We bought a little gray kitty and named her Persephony to be Hieronymus's friend.

They were good friends and eventually Vladimere and Natasha warmed up to the pug too. Vladimere and Hieronyus were even sitting together sometimes, but then we got Plato out Boston Terrier. After we bought Plato the dogs were always closer with each other than any of the cats, but everyone got along well.

Having cats and dogs together has been lots of fun for Ann and I, and they've been there to soften the difficult times in our lives. It's much harder to be self absorbed with an emotional state of morbid despair when, in the back of your mind, you know there are little creatures who need to be feed. For the emotional well being of our pets we've found that they are happier if there are 2 or more of them. From now on we plan to keep 2 cats and 2 dogs as much as we can. I'm looking forward to finding a new puppy, but I still miss our pug a lot.

He was always by the door when I came home from work. Then Hieronyus would follow me everywhere while I made food for Ann and I. When I cut lettuce for salads he would stand under my feet just waiting for little pieces of lettuce to fall so he could eat them. I always made sure that I dropped a few pieces for him too. Plato would hear the pug eating lettuce and come to the kitchen for a few pieces too. Hieronyus always liked fruit too, and I think blueberries, cranberries and raspberries were his favorites. I always had to give a few berries to to pug when we were having some too.

One of the cutest things I can remember about the pug was when he ate raspberries off the bushes at Ann's parents house. He actually figured out how the pick the berries off the bushes with his floppy little face.

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house to be in and Hieronyus was always under my feet while I was in our kitchen. Now I miss having him there, and I'll always think of him when I'm making salads.

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