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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Eyes and Noses"

Eyes and Noses

I'll be damned if I know why I watched some stupid Fox TV Maury Povich-hosted 2-hour docu-thing on that idiotic M*ch*el J*cks*n (I don't want people coming here doing a search on it...I say it, not him. It is not a him. It is a gross abomination of a human.) interview that I never watched in the first place. It's the trainwreck's frightful and horrific, but you can't look away. Whenever I see pictures of it, I feel this visceral, gut reaction to retch. How can that make-up artist woman work on him without severe nausea? Am I the only person that experiences the urge to regurge? I mean the whole race-change thing is illmaking in and of itself (I always found Caucasian women who tried to tan to the darkest color possible quite disgusting as well) but the nose, the nose! What the hell is that thing? It's so small, it looks like it's the nose part of a skull, not of a living human. But then again, the humanity of it is questionable. After that, I felt like my system had been poisoned with hideous monsters. To detox, I watched my tape of "An Hour With Pink Floyd" from 1970 KQED Studios. Beautiful music, men with noses. Noses are necessary. And extremely underappreciated in this culture.

I saw the eye doctor yesterday. I'm beginning the journey into Middle-aged Sight. Not bad enough for bifocals yet (that is a frightening proposition when the time comes), but he gave me a prescription for over-the-counter reading glasses. Oh joy...I can't wait. I'm sure they come in many fabulous styles, too. As if my nearsighted and astigmatic prescription and my nodular corneas aren't bad enough, have a little farsightedness to go along with the mix! Happy times...

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