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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs from the past few nights"

DREAMs from the past few nights

Feeling sad about the dog and haven't felt much like posting lately, so I saved them up.

DREAM 2.22.03

Had one of those reocurring dreams with the "endless basement that goes on forever." I was also standing in the basement and Stan was constructing this round red brick wall around me and Plato...sort of like a silo, but it was very low....I guess he didn't have enough bricks.


DREAM 2.23.03

This was a really freakingly stupid dream. I dreamt I was watching the X-Files, which must've been an extremely recent remake of the show because there was no Mulder, Scully or even those lame "replacements" they brought in for the final series (Doggett and whatever that woman's name was...forgot)...this was like post-post-post-X-Files with a different male/female duo. And for some stupid reason Pink Floyd was guest-starring, but it was lame because it was only the Dehydrated version (no Roger :-() and the only one I recognized was Nick Mason...the others didn't even look like themselves, and I don't think it was even them...a totally imposter sort of dream. I don't even know what the plot was (of the X-Files episode...not the dream).


DREAM 2.25.03

We had an atrium in our house. Not just one of those small do-it-yourself construction kit Home Depot greenhouse addition things, this was a massive original-to-the-house Victorian Atrium. Like three stories high, leaded glass ceiling, as big as a freakin' gymnasium. I don't think it was our house, I think it was a different house we bought. Stan and I were sort of "complaining" that the only house we could find in our price range just happened to come with an atrium, so we took it. Uh huh. And I was also saying that we'd have to hire someone to maintain it, as I wouldn't want Stan climbing up on the glass roof. I also remember that someone was asking me if they could pay me a retainer of $1,000-$5,000 to keep me on a job project of theirs. Mmm hmmm. Then I was telling Stan that I've lost my integrity and become what I hate...a yuppie. But not to worry, I woke up as poor as ever, and no atrium, but integrity intact.

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