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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Wrong Dog"

DREAM - Wrong Dog

I can't remember too much about this dream. Stan and I were someplace--not home, but I'm not sure where we were, it was like a classroom or an office. There were other people there, and for some reason I think there was something about shoes and eyeglasses, like we were buying them from someone...can't remember. Also, we had wanted to buy a dog, too. I'm not sure whether we were buying it from the same people we were buying the shoes and eyeglasses from, but I suspect we were. Eventually everyone left the room, and Stan and I were the only people there. I guess we decided we didn't want the items, and the dog, which was in a paperbag, was short-nosed as promised, but it had long hair, something I definitely didn't want (like it on men, not on dogs). It was like a shih-tzu/something mix. The fur was ginger colored. Stan and I wanted to leave, but we didn't know what to do with the dog and the other merchandise. Do we just leave it there? Will someone come back to get it? I think a woman eventually did come back--she was one of those skinny, flighty, ditzy but businessy women. I can't remember what happened...woke up, probably.

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