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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs - Dog Houses and more"

DREAMs - Dog Houses and more

1) Stan and I were in a grand old house that was tentatively ours. It was like an old manor, and it had a double door for the front entry-way. Once inside, there was a short set of stairs (maybe 8 steps) that led from the front door down to the living area. I also had an English Bulldog. It had a strange sort of body that seemed elongated. Its coloration was also odd; its rear was a dark brown color and there were also lighter colors of brown (a light brown and a greyish brown) on its front part all mixed with cream splotches. I was worried because there was no screen door on the front door (there usually aren't screen doors on the entry of expensive homes, last time I checked) and that the dogs (Plato was there too) could escape if I opened the door for someone. I was telling Stan that we needed to buy a screen door. Then I was upstairs in the house and descending a staircase to the main was as if I was flying down the stairs. I saw that Stan had a bunch of greenish-yellow paint poured all across the floor. I was furious and yelled at him because we hadn't even bought the house yet!

2) Stan had to go someplace to get contacts. We drove to a place that looked like a grocery store, but once inside it was more like a mall. It was the usuall gross mall faire. I remember seeing Stan seated at one of those mall optometrist places. As we were walking around, Stan started falling behind me, looking at displays. The place itself started mutating more into a building on the CSU campus, like the Student center. Stan started mutating into a young woman with long dark curly hair wearing a white dress. I asked "Stan" why he didn't want to walk with me, and I can't remember much of a response. Then he was taking forever looking at something in the building, so I went outside and waited for him there. When he emerged, "he" started walking ahead of me very fast, as if to lose me. I started to yell at him and run after "him." I noticed IRL I was flailing around in bed and woke up with a start.

3) For some reason I was with Stan's biodad, Richard (or someone who resembled him...some aged beat poet professor?). He was sitting at a desk and I gave him a gift of assorted nicknacks in a shoebox. I put the shoebox behind him, and told him to be careful when he turned around not to tip it over. He didn't hear me. Then when he did turn around, I pointed to the shoebox and he seemed surprised.

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