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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Life Self-Consciously Immitating Not-So-Good Art"

Life Self-Consciously Immitating Not-So-Good Art

Heard on the Tom Clark show this morning that CBS is planning to do a reality-TV Beverly Hillbillies. They're actually planning to get a real life Kentucky family, bring them to Beverly Hills, give them a million or so dollars, and film them...kind of like the Osbornes. The guest on the show this morning (I slept through most of was 6 am) was complaining that poor people were always being used as the butt of jokes...I don't know if he was from the Southern Poverty Law Center or what, but I understood his point. But regardless if the family is from Appalachia, the UP (Ya hey it's warm dere in California, ya) or wherever, it doesn't matter, the whole pretense is just ridiculous and I can't imagine watching something like that. Why not do a "trading spaces" sort of thing and have the Hollywood producers move to an Appalachian shack, take away all their money and earthly possessions and film them? See, I'd watch that just out of morbid me sick. It's just unbelievable that: 1) someone would come up with a pretense like that for a show...but I guess they did do a Survivor on a desert island sort of like Gilligan's Island...I don't know, I don't watch the rot, this is just what I gather from the media vibes in the ozone. 2) people have such pathetic lives that they would be entertained by watching that, I mean the original FICTIONAL Beverly Hillbillies wasn't exactly a masterpiece either but compared to this, it would be fine art. 3) The producers would actually *think* the public would want to watch it in the first place. I think a caller made the comment that pretty soon they'll be paying people to be in a zoo. That's about right.

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