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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Listserves"


I subscribe to a bunch of listserves that I get via email, most of which I really don't have time to read and subscribed to when I was interested in the topic, but remain subscribed to because it's easier to delete the message than it would be to try and figure out how to resubscribe in the future if I wanted back in after unsubscribing. Naturally, much of the discussion on these (I guess you could say they're all related to art in one form or another--either local art or art software) as of late have turned to the world situation, peace activism, etc. And of course there are going to be some people for one reason or another do not like the discussion taking a political turn, especally a pacifist political turn. They believe that the topic should stay strictly related to the software or art or what have you. I guess I'm pretty blown away that anyone is taking a listserve so seriously in the first place, that they just can't delete the message (like I do) when it's not something they're interested in. Am I wound too loose? Some people seriously need to go hug a dog.

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