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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM--Time all nonsense now"

DREAM--Time all nonsense now

Roger Waters was living catty-corner across the street from us, but I guess that was a while ago because I wasn't even aware of it, or I wasn't even living here when he was here, but at the same time I could see back into the past and I saw him out on the front lawn with a toddler...a kid of his? I'd have to guess he was probably around my age, or a little older in this dream. Then I was able to fast-forward into the present, and I was kicking myself that I never went over to introduce myself to him (symbolic for my not having been into Pink Floyd as I should have back when?). I was in absolute awe nonetheless that he had lived in Wisconsin (can you imagine? I'm dying of laughter...) for a while, let alone IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! I was staring out a top floor window of our house, looking at the house he once lived in, longingly, seeing now only the current occupants who appeared to be a bunch of college students (this was in the dream only...a young couple and their child/ren live there currently IRL). Then I remember I was singing to myself...I think something from The Wall, but I can't rmember, but I was loud enough that people could hear me outside, which was rather embarrassing. Then I don't know if this was the same dream or a different dream entirely, but I was in a prison cell. It was dark and grey, and there was an uncomfortable bench to sit on. I remember seeing phones on the wall, but I didn't call anyone because I didn't want to use up Stan's cellphone minutes. (?) I remember looking around trying to see if there was any sort of camera that could be recording me. Then a black woman came in to talk to me...I don't know if she was a nurse or my social worker or parole officer or what. I have absolutely no clue why I was imprisoned. I remember saying something in my sleep in regards to this, defying the woman who was talking to me, but I forgot what it was.

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