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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Lucifer Sam, Siam Cat Chinese Pug"

Lucifer Sam, Siam Cat Chinese Pug

Not much new puppy last night. Long story, kept him AND Plato in the room with us (kennelled separately) or else Plato would bark his head off upstairs.

Lucifer Sam was a Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett song about a cat, but considering this little guy was born January 5, one day before Syd's birthday, we decided to name him after something Syd-like, and well, Seamus was Floyd post-Syd and more befitting of a hound ("We should name a cat Seamus" said Stan). And being an all black pug, the name Lucifer is quite appropriate. And it was a general consensus with Stan and I that we would name him something Floydian, which marks a change from our usual pet names with a basis in antiquity (Plato, Caligula), myth (Persephone), old art (Hieronymus [Bosch]), or bloodthirsty rulers (Caligula, Vladimir). I guess Natasha was the only animal that could also have had a "modern" name origin, that being the Jay Ward cartoon of Rocky and Bullwinkle's wicked adversary communist dominatrix femme fatale (friend/lover of Boris....back in '85, Boris was our short-lived iguana).

Pictures...uh, yeah. I'm running on fumes right now. Coming soon.

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