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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Test Drive"

DREAM - Test Drive

Stan and I were test driving a car (IRL we're looking for another van--used--so we can get rid of the Eagle that's burning oil now and have been test driving a lot of them lately). We were sitting in the back seat which has red velvet appholstery (all of the vans we've test driven seem to have the same grey interior regardless of the make!) and the current owner, an older man, sort of dumpy-looking, 70-ish maybe, was in the passenger seat in front. Then he started to drive it for us, from the pasenger side. I thought it was most strange. I also thought it was strange that we weren't sitting in front and driving it ourselves. Stan remarked that the back seat was very comfortable...comfortable to the point of total relaxation.

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