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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs - Donkey Men and Van Dashboard"

DREAMs - Donkey Men and Van Dashboard

I was with a dream companion (genderless, amorphous entity created solely for the purpose of the dream) and we went into a small run-down one-room house that appeared to be abandonned. It was a sunny day and we were looking out of the window. Across the way there were men who looked like donkeys (isn't there something in Pinnochio about this??? Or some child's fairytale? am I mistaken?). The donkeymen then came up onto our roof. My companion and I were hiding, trying not to let them know we were in the house. We were looking up at the ceiling, and I could see the ceiling caving in due to their weight. I wanted to escape out the window, but my companion told me not to, that it would be too dangerous. We stayed inside and watched and the ceiling caved in more, but it caved in as a perfect sort of square shape, complete with a sort of gothic/arabesque ornamentation on the square/cube that hung from the ceiling. Then I discovered that the one-room house actually had other places in it...sublevels and upper levels that could be seen through ornate wraught-iron staircases. There were also other people in the house, but we had to make sure they didn't see us. We went to a level beneath us, and it was quite vast. My companion discovered a bathroom that had clawfoot tubs that were upholstered! I was running all around this place marvelling at the very strange furniture.

I got into our new van and there was a bottle of neon-orange nail polish on the dashboard. I figured it was the previous owner's (although I met her and she wasn't exactly the neon-orange wearing kind) but I decided not to return it to her (it's only nail polish, after all!) Then I was looking at the dashboard and all the controls were like those glow-in the dark analog clocks with "digital" numbers that were popular in the 60s and 70s.

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