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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Spanish Class"

DREAM - Spanish Class

The dream started out pleasantly enough, although Stan and I were still in college. We were planning on taking the weekend off to go up north, but Stan had to go to his final class on Friday which was Spanish (Stan never took Spanish). We were planning on leaving right after his class, so I went to class with him so that he didn't have to come home and get me...or something. The thing was, I was really bored because I didn't bring anything to work on myself...all I had was a spiral notebook and some glitter crayola crayon, but I wasn't in the mood for childish drawing. The professor was rather young, younger than us. I was wondering if he would notice that I wasn't a regular student in the class or not. Then they were handing out tests to take. I didn't want to take the test, so I sort of eased my way out of the classroom. I think I told Stan that I would meet him back there after his class was over in 45 minutes or so. I'm not sure where I went...maybe home to get some jewelry. When I came back to campus, I found some women and asked them what classroom Stan's Spanish class was in (as if they'd know), and they told me to follow them. They were rather tall and could take longer strides than I could, so as I was following them into this older building, I kept getting farther and farther behind them. Then they were going down some stairs which were very poorly lit, so I had a hard time seeing as well. Eventually I lost them, and I was really mad because I had no idea how I would find Stan's classroom now. I had even left all my stuff...coat and the classroom and I was worried that another class would start and I wouldn't be able to enter to retrieve them. I also had the cellphone in there, so Stan wouldn't even be able to call me to tell me where he was. I was so angry, that I yell out (not IRL...just in the dream) "You f*ck*ng c*nts!" at the women who "lost" me. I saw some guy in the hallway who was being carried away by two looks as if he was arrested. It was most surreal, and I was most frustrated and I wake up and moan/scream outloud.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I go back to sleep and start to dream it over, except this time, I was being left behind by *short* people who could walk faster than me! I think one of them was Stan's biosister, Sara.

I also dreamt I was trying on a scarf around my boobs...sort of like a sleazy 1970s skank-style haltertop thing. I was modeling it in front of men who were leering at me...fortunately the men were young and attractive instead of old pervs, but still...disturbing.

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