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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Whatever"


Lucifer Sam and Plato play so well together. Stan says he's never seen two dogs play together as well as they do. You can tell that LS really looks up to P as a big brother. Last night they were sleeping on the futon together, facing eachother, their arms interlocked. Aw!

Had a sort of scary DW experience the other day. Went to Whole Foods and as we were coming back to the car, a 50-something man and his younger DW wife (I assume) pulled up in the spot next to ours by the driver's side. Stan had let me in the passenger door and walked around the back of the car to get in, but he had to wait a full minute at least for the DW to get out of the car. I don't know what her prob was...she had to adjust her hair and coat and then get a drink of water which was in the back seat which she had to access on the side of the car that was next to ours. It was like she was this primadonna and all the men (including her husband and Stan) had to wait for her highness to finish her royal DW duties. Man, she just oozed DW out of every pore in her body. Haughty bitchqueen.

Too many of those lately. Someone told them they could have it all....and they believed them. (I told that one to Tim and Stan once and they got quite the kick out of it).

Then there was the young woman in the cheese-tasting area. Both she and I were trying out the 3-year aged award-winning Dutch Gouda at the same time. I was going on how good it was to Stan (we did buy some), while she was complaining how bad it was to her boyfriend. It really makes me truly believe that so many women in this world are these meek and mild prissy things that can't stand anything with strength, character, sharpness or bite. And I'm not just talking about the Dutch Gouda. Welcome to the land of Wonder Bread, Golden Retrievers, perfect smiles and easy living. Wouldn't want anything weird or different.

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