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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Sex and War"

DREAM: Sex and War

Warning: This dream may be a bit disturbing in many different forwarned

[disturbing sex part of dream] I was watching daytime network TV (which I never do) and they had one of those idiot Jerry Springer-type shows on...subject: Male P*rn Stars. They show their panel of guests, most of whom are quite ugly, and one guy is wearing some sort of weird executioner's mask and outfit, but his _*_* was practically hanging out of his thong and extremely...large and just plain weird looking, like he was uncircumcised, but just...weird. I can't explain. I change the channel because I think it's just waaaay too idiotic, and I'm wondering how they can get away with showing nearly naked _*_*s on TV, so I turn the show back on just to see what they can get away with from the censors. Then I remember I was peeling off my own clothes...literally peeling because it was like I was wearing one of those peel-off facial masks over my entire body. I felt especially queasy as I peeled it off my nipples. [/disturbing sex part of dream] Now I was lying on the floor in the living room, as if I was a kid playing on the floor. The front doorbell rang and I pretended I wasn't home. I was looking up at the front windows, and Lucifer Sam was on the windowsill. I wasn't afraid he would fall or anything. There was also a small puppy made out of quartz on the windowsill as well, but it was alive and animated. It reached out its paw and then toppled to the floor, but I realized it didn't hurt itself because it was just made out of rock. [disturbing war part of dream] Then I looked out the window and the sky was a very deep cerulean blue. I heard the sounds of aircraft, and got up and looked out the window. I saw what appeared to be a missle coming from the southwestern sky and heading toward the northeast. There was more sounds of aircraft and I continued to watch the sky and there was a succession of strange, sci-fi-looking aircraft and spaceships and missiles all launching from the southwest sky and flying over our house. I was trying to recall what airforce base was on the southwest side of Madison, and couldn't think of anything. It was most ominous. Some of these missiles looked like syringes. It was so surreal and scary. As I watched these aircraft the sky kept turning a darker and darker shade of blue. Then it was as if I wasn't looking out of my city room anymore, but gazing onto what appeared to be a something you'd see in rural France. There were fires in all these fields, and the farmers and workers were trying to put them out. There was lots of smoke in the sky. I suspected it had something to do with all the aircraft I saw. [/disturbing war part of dream]

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