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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : The News"

The News

So shoot me for being a bleeding heart liberal against this damn war, and then shoot me once again because I'm moribidly fascinated by this so-called "deck of 55 most wanted." Call me a contradiction. What's wrong with me that I should desire a deck? Email ads for the deck is like the only spam I've received that I've actually clicked on (intentionally...I once accidentally clicked on a p*rn link in my attempt to quickly delete the hideous thing, but that wasn't intentional...really, it wasn't, I swear.)

I must question, however, why they didn't just add one more wanted man to the equation (surely they could think of someone) to make it an even 56, the number of Minor Arcana in a Tarot deck. (tarot has the additional "princess" that doesn't have an equivalent in our 52 playing card deck...the equivalent of a jack being a prince in tarot) That would've made more sense to me. But then again I'm not running the war. And wouldn't want the job, no thank you.

And what's up with those former best friends of The Peterson's? I mean, they're best friends with Scott and Laci one day, and then after Scott is arrested, they're not his friend anymore? That's what I gathered from the way they spoke on a TV interview. I'll tell you one thing, if my best friend was arrested on murder charges, and I had no evidence one way or another that he had done what he was accused of, or if he had not treated me bad in any way, I sure as hell wouldn't talk to the media. What sort of friends are those, anyway? I think there's a term....fairweather. As deluded as Scott's mother (Queen of Denial) is in his innocence, I at least have to respect her position more, and that is to stand by her son.

That being said, I still think the guy's guilty as sin...changing his hair color, growing a beard...fake tears...$10,000 cash and his brother's ID found on him...yeah, that's the sign of a real innocent man who's grieving for his "missing" wife.

Spent the weekend watching The Osbornes reruns and news. This flu or virus that both Stan and I had drained all the life and mental capacities out of us. We were literally reduced to Ozzy energy. Not pretty.

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