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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Roger and Me and another DREAM"

Roger and Me and another DREAM

1.) I was out back with Lucifer Sam. For some reason, we were on the area in back of our yard sort of up higher where we park our cars (we live on a hill)...there were no cars there, and LS was pooping. He kept pooping and pooping, like he was a sausage factory. He just would not stop! There were some women down the alley walking towards us and shovelling the alley as they walked. It was odd, and I wanted to take LS in before they got too close, otherwise I was afraid he would dart out into the alley after them, but he just kept pooping (there was more poop than there was dog) so I had to interrupt his poop cycle, grabbed him, and proceeded to get dogpoop on my clothes. I came in and told Stan what happened.

2.) I was in a very strange was like a university-type building crossed with a church or something...rather austere and old. There were two people in the building standing by a door to a room, one was some guy I have no idea who he was, and the other was...Roger Waters! Roger was talking to this guy about some project that he wanted this guy to do for him...some sort of promotional project or something. I somehow managed to get in on the conversation and Roger wanted me to typeset or type something for him that was part of the project. The guy left and I continued to talk to Roger about the project (although I can't remember really what we were talking about). We went into the room together, discussing the project. There was a bed in the room and we layed out the papers on the bed. Roger was sort of by the wall on the floor next to the bed...I guess he was reaching for something and I was bending over trying to see what he was doing, trying to act...interested (and not interested in the typesetting project either). I get onto the bed and lie on it and tell him I'd be more comfortable looking at it here. He gets onto the bed too and gives me some typewriter ribbon cassettes for the kind of typewriter I had in the early 90s. I tell him that wouldn't be necessary because it'll all be done on computer. Then, we start to make out and take our clothes off. It seemed very realistic with strange minor details like the taste of salt on skin...details I don't even dream about when I have a sexual dream with Stan. Then here's the really stooopid part of the dream. I'm utterly dumbfounded I'm in this situation (well, yeah, I would be) and I'm thinking to myself in the dream "I've got to tell my girl friend from high school that I slept with a rock star!" That is such a stupid thing to think and makes Roger sound like a trophy, and I have no desire to keep in touch from people from high school and catch up on old times and brag, nor do I have the desire to sleep with people simply for the fact they're rock stars and nothing else. I think I woke up at that point...kind of too bad, it was quite enjoyable up until that last thought!

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