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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMS the past few nights"

DREAMS the past few nights

DREAM 5.3.03 (or somewwhere thereabouts)

(note...I am ttyping this while my computer is processing something else, and for somee odd reason, it is doubling up letters on me. I do not want to fix theese typos...sorry. Enjoy the humorous ambience it provides.)

I was with mmmy dad's parents and his aunt (my graandmother's sister). I can't rmembeer much of what was happeniing, jsut that we were probably eating dinner or something. Last time I ssaw these people alive was like in the late 60s or 70s. Weirdd that I've been dreaming about them lately.

DRREAM 5.44.03

I forgot most of it, but I do remember I was crafting a silver lizard and was worried thats feet would get metal fatigue due to the fact they were very thin and I kept beending theeem.

DREAM 5.5.03

Stan and I were ddriving on the west side of Madison for some reason. I remember goinng into stores. II remember seeing a large, strange red chair in a dumpster and thinking I woould like to have it because it looked comfortable.


I'm sorry that I'm not more entertaining than this.

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