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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : More DREAMs about cupboards and beards."

More DREAMs about cupboards and beards.

First of all, I'm rendering somethinng in Bryce while I type this again, so it's anooother episode of Stuttering Goatboy typing. Bear with me, I'm not fixing the mistakes. It'll probably mean fewer freakass Googggle seearches finding this site, and considering what people search for, I rather fancy that thought.

Now here's the scoop on the dream. First I want to mention a dream that I had a few nights ago that I didn't write down because I thought it was really stupid and didn't wwwant Stan to read it. But because of something in my dream last night, I'll go ahead and mention the weeird Stan dream first.

Weirdd Stan dream: Stan had a beard that waas mostly grey with white patches of hair. I tthought it made him look like his father and it freaked me out and I told him to shave it. He said sadly...."you don't like it?" Like as if he did. Stan's not a facial hair person.

Weird dream last night: It was a collaaage of different things, most of which occurreeed while I was listening to public radio in the morning after Stan left for work. Ittt was rather sinister...I remember his grandmother was there, and it was not good. She was angry with us...maybe lecturing us...I remember bbblond wood cupboards. Lots of light colors. Then I was watching something on TV with Pink Floyd...either that or I was there in person watching Pink Floyd. Sometimes it's hard to tell in a dream. It wass very early Pink Floyyd, circa 1967 because Syd was there. They were walking down a street (everything was still like the blond wood cupbooard look...very light colored) and being filmed. It was reminiscent of the Scarecrow video that features Syd (the color one, not the black and white one with David). I remember Roger too, but Roger and Syd are the only ones that I distinctly remember. I think maybe there were five of them because theree seemed to be more than four. Maybee it was around that transitional period when they brought David on and bbbefore Syd left completely. Syd was walking away from the camera as it was filiming him. He was wearinng white pants, and one leg was rolled up, the other down. I thought "man, Syd is really losing it here." Then another cammmera angle, and it's showing Roger and he's walking ahead of everyone else. He looks exxxaccctly like he did in the Scareccrow videeo, except here'ss the weird part. He had a grey beard with white patches...just like STAN in my dream the other night. But as he gets closeeer to the camera (isss my stuttering keyyboard really getting out of control here?) I realize it's not facial hair (good...Roger would not look good with facial hair either), bbbut flour, as if he had been baking or cooking.

I have no idea what this means. Butt Stan is a cook.

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