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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Off guessing game topic"

Off guessing game topic

Well, Stan, I apologize. I really do. I feel like a heel, a cad, a paranoid fool. But, as we both agreed on, best feel that way, best hate ourselves for our delusional paranoia and suspicions than be eternally optimistic and ultimately hurt deeply in the end. Best prepare ourselves and prop our vulnerabilities up with some brick reinforcements. Better than not allowing those thoughts in our head and then to have this little piggie blown away by an evil wolf's huffing and puffing. Only the brick house survived, right?

I feel bad. But I'm glad I do. Because no one was hurt, especially you. And if you were to be hurt, we prepared ourselves for it.

So tell me, do I suffer from acute abandonment anxiety or something? Be honest. I can take it. Hell, I survived my childhood, right?

I say, this calls for a bottle of Chimay Ale. And I just got a big whopping check from Bitstream...bigger than the last one! Yeay!

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