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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : "Someday this war will be over." A.N."

"Someday this war will be over." A.N.

I had a dream a few nights ago, and it's a dream that I often have. I was looking at several quartz crystals, and then found a lot more. The ones I found were very large and clear, but they came apart into smaller sections. Still they were quite beautiful. The only odd thing was that the quartz crystals were in a pile of glass, so I had to sort them out. Sort of like sorting the real form the fake.

I had another person to try for guessing the vanity search. Was this legendary student an artist who had, as part of his artistic idenity, a section 8 from the military? He was someone who really thought big when it came to painting, and tried to make the biggest fine art painting to ever come out of the university. It was all very Kurt Vonnegut. He had several 8 x 4' sections of plywood lined up next to each other in the painting studio to make the painting about 8 x 36'. He worked on it for 3 days and nights without sleep and then suddenly stopped working on it for about a month. Later he tried to finish it a little at a time, and as he made progress, every week or so, a section of the painting would be rejected as - too inferier to keep. Eventually the painting was finished, and this grand work of art reached its conclusion when there was only one 8 x 4' section left. I think the other six sections went to the dumpster one at a time. Apparently art department dumpsters are Death Camps for paintings who were too defective to be called fine art. To continue living life as a Kurt Vonnegut charactor after art school this artist eventually ended up with a gallery in some Colorado sky resort town, where he no longer had to think about the consequences of fine art. In the end the only art works, which hang on the walls are the things the nice pictures the tourists like to buy.

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