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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Fractal Sunsets and other DREAM adventures"

Fractal Sunsets and other DREAM adventures

Most bizarre and disturbing dream. Stan and I were driving up north, possibly to the UP, but he left me there (not out of meanness, but because I had to be there by myself for some reason, I don't know why). I got myself a motel room, and wandered around town, which was a very touristy little town, looking for a place to eat. I find this very strange because I was alone in this dream for the most part; usually I have a companion in my dreams. It was cold and snowy outside and most every place was closed. I decided to go back to my room. I don't think there was a TV and I didn't have my iBook (it's still at the shop IRL too!) so there was nothing to do, so I called Stan on my cellphone (don't ask what phone *he* was using since it's our only phone!). I told him how much I missed him and looked out the window and watched the sun set. The sunset was like something I would create in KPT 5's FraxPlorer....fractal sunset...very cool. In the morning I went to a restaurant nearby. Walking up to it I was behind a woman and her retarded son. The woman looked like Family Affair's Buffy's Mrs. Beasley doll...she was goofy looking with light blond hair and dumb glasses. She was throwing snowballs at her son and hit me with one. It wasn't was mostly uncompressd powder snow, but it did get me full of snow. When she saw what she had done, she muttered "uh oh" to herself, but didn't really apologize to me. I passed her by and went into the restaurant. I had a hard time finding a door to the restaurant...each door I went into turned in to an elevator. I was finally able to get into the lobby of the restaurant. A hostess told me she would be with me shortly. When she returned, the Mrs. Beasley woman came in the door at the same time and immediately walked up to the hostess and said she wanted a table by a window, and a list of other demands. Since I had been there first, I walked up to the hostess and Mrs. Beasley and said, "excuse me, but I was here first." Both of them looked at me and told me I was being rude. !!!!???!!! I then left because I thought their response was extremely rude, and didn't want to give them my business. I think I might have walked around town some more and realized there wasn't anyplace else to eat, so came back to the rude restaurant. This time the hostess asked me what kind of table I would like. I wasn't really sure, so she brought me to a room that had two lounge chairs that were sort of like beds, i.e., you could sit down in the chair and put you feet out as if you were in bed. There was another customer in the other chair, and she had a bunch of dogs with her. I figured this was the room they put their unescorted female customers. I sat down on my chair and there was a dog there as well...sort of a Scottie-mix. They served me a salad with broccolli in it, and they waited on me hand and foot. I felt very pampered and it was very comfortable. The woman next to me was balancing a margarita glass filled with ice tea on her chairbed. I told one of the waitresses that I didn't want to get much or spend a lot. She pointed to the toast on the menu, which was three cents. I forgot exactly what it was I ordered. The room had maids and people busily cleaning the place and making sure everything was picked up and sparkling. I overheard one maid saying that she had to clean some dust off a windowsill. Then I think Stan appeared in the dream later when I had to pay for my meal. My bill seemed larger than I thought it should be and I argued with the cashier about it. The cashier told me that part of the bill was to cover the maid service, and the maid had itemized her charges on my bill. I told them that I didn't tell the maid to clean, and that I shouldn't be responsible for paying these unexpected charges. Stan told me not to argue with them, and just to pay it. Then later, Stan and I were in some strange industrial warehouse. We were trying to remove some dangerous chemicals or something. I tried grabbing some pipes, but they were way too cold for me to grasp. Then we go in the back in a restroom which is has a toilet that's more like one in an outhouse, we throw some of the chemicals down the toilet, and then we both start to urinate in the toilet together. Stan's urinating like a normal guy, but I have to stand over the toilet, pull my pants down and, well, it's rather difficult. Then I notice an electrical outlet behind the toilet and I'm afraid of getting electrocuted via a pee stream.

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