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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : These tests are not as good, but..."

These tests are not as good, but...

What Pink Floyd Song Are You?
You're... WISH YOU WERE HERE. You're deep,
intelligent and insightful.

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And again!

What Pink Floyd song are you?
You are Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here. You are
confused and lost. you may feel that you've
lost connection with your lover.

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Um...lover? Say What? Since when were Syd and People have a strange way of interpreting songs. Everyone expects a love song for a man and woman and it's quite absurd. One of the only "love songs" Roger wrote were the Pigs on the Wing parts 1 and 2. And it's not really a love song in a traditional sense. Sort of like Stan getting me a box of toads as a romantic gesture. And it was.

Anyway, this test below is even more lame. But I'm hooked and won't stop since I've taken every last one of them.

Which Pink Floyd song are you?
Another Brick In The Wall

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By Ann @ 20:36 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..