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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Victorian Apartment, Weird Chemical Al, Ballbearing Eyes"

DREAM - Victorian Apartment, Weird Chemical Al, Ballbearing Eyes

I can't remember the exact *sequence* of events, but I can remember the events themselves.

I was in a large, old fashioned victorian house. It was as if Stan and I were renting a suite in part of the house. There was a strange alcove in part of a wall where a large dresser fit perfectly. The walls and ceilings had ornate filigree and woodwork. There was a man in our apartment that was working on something...fixing it up. Stan and I were lying in bed looking up at him work. There was elaborate grillwork that separated our suite from another area of the house and it was open. Through it we saw our old landlord, Tom. He was on a stepladder working on something up high. He could look through the gridwork and see us. He waved and smiled at us.

I was in some bleachers. I think I was with Stan and some people we knew from college or something. I have no idea what I was doing, but we had taken off a bunch of our clothes (not a naked thing...just a hot thing) like socks, sweaters, etc. and layed them down by us in the bleachers. Then Stan and the other people had to leave and I was left picking up all of everyone else's clothes and belongings...socks, sweaters, sunglasses, camera bags, personal affects, etc. I knew I couldn't carry everything, so I left some things on the bleacher steps. I went down to floor level and couldn't find Stan. I asked a woman, who I think was my friend Diane from my freshman college year, if she saw Stan or Lamya (I guess Lamya was one of the other people that was with us). "Diane" seemed to be standing outside the old Chemistry stockroom. She said she hadn't seen them. Then some chemistry grad student (kind of tall, heavy build, long curlyish dark hair, wireframe glasses, labcoat, shorts...kinda like Weird Al with a football player physique) asks me if I could check out his purchase or something. He looked familiar in my dream, as if he was an actual grad student I knew when I worked at the stockroom, but IRL I don't know if he looked familiar or was probably just one of those dream things messing with your actual perception of the past. I do remember thinking, "wow, I can't believe this guy is still's been like what...20 years?" Then I told him that I haven't worked there in ages and he'll have to find someone who works there to speak to.

I also remember playing with some weird little toy gizmo. Remember those games you had as a kid where there's these little ballbearing-type things inside a little flat clear plastic-covered box with a cartoon character inside and you have to roll the ballbearings around until you get them inside the character's eye sockets? Well, it was something like that, except instead of ballbearings the eyes were those plastic moving eyes you can buy at craft stores, but instead of a flat black disk inside the eye, it was a small ballbearing. Anyway, the flat clear plastic-covered box was actually some kind of precious gem, and it came unhinged or something, and from below, out pops those movable eyes. I know this doesn't make a lick of sense. I was worried about how to fit the gem back into place and use the eyes as glazing points or something.

Maybe I had too much to drink last night.

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