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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Are you giving up? Period? Is that it? Certainly you haven't looked through ALL the CDs in our collection."

Are you giving up? Period? Is that it? Certainly you haven't looked through ALL the CDs in our collection.

Anyway, your last guess, Jim Morrison, WOULD be heard on RockHitsZ107. Think, Stanley, Think.

OK, let's recap what we've established:

It's a male.
He's American.
He is alive (unless there is something I haven't heard, but I think we would me on this one.)
He has less hair on the top of his head than you do, but more than Michael Stipe.
We have him on at least one CD in our collection, but we probably have not listened to it recently.
He is adept at various musical instruments.
We have heard him sing.
He is not Lou Reed or Iggy Pop or a Meat Puppet or Tom Waits or someone in REM or Nirvana or Sonic Middle Aged People (not to mention anyone who is dead).
We have heard him on a non-commercial radio station, however that doesn't necessarily mean we've heard his MUSIC (or his band's music, if he is not a solo artist) on the radio. Hmmmm...what does this mean? Have we heard him interviewed as a special guest or something? Or something else entirely? Something to think about....

What have we not established?

His age
His race
His height and weight (approx.)
Is he part of a band or a solo artist?
His or his band's geographical locale
Did we ever see him in the flesh?
His astrological sign
Single? Married? Straight? Gay?
Musical genre
Handsome or ugly?
Famous or obscure?
Idolizable or nutcase?
Deadhead or Anglophile?
Beatles Man or Elvis Man?
Nose: Pug or Aquiline?
Eye Color
Lip Thickness
Religious affiliation
Criminal record?
Pig, Dog or Sheep? heh heh heh

You still have a lot of ground to cover.

By Ann @ 20:42 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..