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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Attack of the Clones"

Attack of the Clones

Last night as we were taking Tim home, he noticed the very obnoxious superintendant of the condos outside on the grounds talking to some other residents. Tim not wanting to face the talkative and highly annoying super, we drove around for a bit to give them time to disperse. We drove through Maple Bluff, a posh area across the road from Tim's. Every block or so, there were a group of women, all white, most over 5'5", average age of 50, all in varying shades of blonde (not all natural) or grey or white hair, all with basically the same straight or waved, bobbed cut. No short people, no brunettes, no women with long hair, no minorities, and only one or two men. They stood by driveways chatting and as we drove by they smiled at us, but as they realized we weren't there for their little gathering or whatever, their smiles turned to quizzical scowls. We had no idea what it was...some fundraiser held at several Maple Bluff residences? A "free Martha Stewart" fundraiser? Why did all the women look like they came out of the Martha's school of modelling? Was Maple Bluff's Stepford Wife Project successful? It really freaked all of us out. Stan said he noticed that at each house that had the clustered Martha clones, there was a large pink cardboard tulip on the lawn. After we drove back through the neighborhood closer to sunset, we didn't see any of these so-called pink tulips (Tim and I think Stan is crazy). Am I the only blonde white woman who feels uncomfortable in neighborhoods that are overrun by blonde white women?

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