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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Another travel dream."

Another travel dream.

In this dream Ann and I were traveling on vacation in the old black chevy monza. We were trying to find a highway we wanted to take and were both looking at maps while we traveled. As time passed the roads turned out to be less and less like the maps. It was as if the maps were changing into text, which read like auto repair manuals. Eventually we stopped on a city street to look for more maps in the car. All of these maps were changing into text too. I was looking at these maps on the roof of the 77 monza when an old white man with a long dirty beard asked me for some money. I told him no thanks and he got mad and left part of a donut on the positive terminal of the car battery. The engine in this car always ran hot so while we were stopped I had the hood open to cool the engine. I tossed the donut piece on the ground and tried to read more maps. It seemed as though I was never going to figure out what ever it was that I was trying to find on the maps. Then an African American man came up behind me and put his hands around my neck. He had very large hands and a very beautiful voice, and when I looked at his face his skin was wonderfully clear and beautiful too. He said to other people who were watching us, "I will bring him down until he lies unconsciously on the ground." At first I started to push him away, but then I stopped fighting against him and completely relaxed my body with my arms at my side. I closed my eyes and while I stood still he telepathically communicated something to me. Then I woke up and couldn't remember what he had communicated to me, which is regrettable because it must have been important.

By Stan @ 20:43 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..