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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Moving...again."

DREAM - Moving...again.

For some strange reason, Stan and I found a house to rent in Fort Collins, sort of around midtown or between where we lived on Peterson Street and where Stan lived on Myrtle Street. It was an older house, one story, I think. It certainly wasn't as nice as the house we have here in Madison, but for some reason, Stan wanted to move back to Fort Collins. We were trying to figure out whether this would be a good idea or not, and decided to do it. The bedroom in this rental only had one window (gaaa...after having a bedroom with four's hard to revert) and we were discussing where we'd have to put the air conditioner (you really don't need an air conditioner in Fort Collins...we never had one), and we said we'd have to put it in the one bedroom window, which was right by the bed. How uncomfortable. We were also discussing the cost of moving...we'd have to get a move, which would be thousands of dollars. Nonetheless, Stan still wanted to do it. I was thinking that I would miss Tim, and how sad Tim would be to see us move. At the last minute I told Stan I did not want to go through with it.

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