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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Haunted House"

DREAM - Haunted House

Really mixed up, can't remember exact sequence of events. I was with some people (I think I was with "someone I used to know who lives in the southeastern part of the state"...ew) and we were walking around at night in the same strange tourist town that I had a couple weeks ago or so (the one with the fractal sunsets). It was the dead of winter and extremely cold. I remember trying to fit on a backpack and crossing an icy street simultaneously...difficult task. I remember we were looking into store windows and there was this old retro store that carried kitchen appliances and assorted furniture from the early-mid 20th century. The person I was with was commenting on how they liked a certain black and white kitchenette set, but I thought it was too dramatic and morbid-looking...sort of like a nun's habit. I told the person I was with that a red and white set would be better. Then we went into a restaurant where a bunch of people we supposedly knew were sitting around a large table. The only person I knew there was one gay guy I worked with at Depressions. (You wouldn't know he was gay by looking at or talking to him, but you could figure it out after a while because of his subtle quiet attitude.) He didn't recognize me, and I asked him his name, "Tom, right?" I said. He nodded, but I still think he was pretending to ignore me. Asshole. Then I was with someone else and this is the really hard part to understand. (The person I was with I seemed close to, as if it was Stan, but I don't think it was. This person was a bit taller and thinner, possibly with even lighter hair. I have no idea who it was, and not even sure if it was a man, but I think it was) We went into a multi-level house and discovered that we weren't the only ones there, even though it was "our" house. We walked into this basement-ish area and the person bent down and rubbed his fingers across the floor, and then rubbed the fingers on the other hand across the floor in another part of the basement. He then made me smell his fingers and asked me if I could tell the difference. I didn't know what to say, but evidentally he was adept at tracking scents and could tell by the way the floor smelled by the stairs that people had been through the house. I then heard steps, and we entered deeper into the basement to hide. There was a light in the basement, so we were not completely hidden. Then these sorority bimbos came downstairs and when they saw our faces, they started to scream. I guess they thought the whole house was like some kitschy house of horrors. Then they reached out through some wiring and cobwebs and assorted basement junk and touched my face, probably just to see if I was real. After they left, the person I was with told me that next time I needed to situate myself behind sharper camouflage so that when they tried to touch me they'd get scratched.

Now, this part I have no idea where it fits into the dream, but I was with someone and they started quoting a phone number which had no numbers, it was just words. And the phone number was this: MOM-NEWTS PLUS (I guess the PLUS part was the extension). When I heard it I started laughing uncontrollably and couldn't stop and eventually woke myself up laughing. Yeah, really funny.

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