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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : 2 DREAMs"


I met Roger Waters again! He was sitting in an office and I came into the office and shook his hand. I don't know if I was supposed to be working on a project for him or what. He was sitting at a chair explaining some project or something. I remember looking at him and not remembering a word he said, just thinking "Roger!" Then he left the office and I looked at myself in a mirror and realized my makeup looked all screwy (my face powder was all over my head and a real mess) and thought "just great, I meet Roger Waters and I look like crap!"

In the other dream, Stan and I had the little frogs we're raising from tadpoles, plus some other animal like a lizard. Stan said it was OK to put the lizard in with the frogs, but I was leary about it. He said to do it anyway. Then we were transferring them all to a new container and I saw that the lizard was eating one of the little frogs. I try to grab it out of its mouth and I'm yelling at Stan that I hate him or something.

Uh oh, now Stan's going to have an insecurity complex.

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