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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMHouse"


For some strange reason, Stan and I had to rent a house. I don't know why we couldn't live in our old house, and I don't even know where this new house was, whether it was in Madison or somewhere in Colorado. We were looking at this new house with these disney witch-type realtors. It was done in sort of an interesting southwestern-style decor, with walls that didn't reach the ceiling, but had a staggered top edge sort of like a castle's keep. I guess that gave people a spot to put their adobe bowl and kachina doll collection...heh. I told Stan that it would look good to hang our art on the walls, but he didn't want to put holes in it since we'd be renting. I explained a way to do it without holes, and that would be to wrap the picture wire around the top of the higher area in back. Supposedly there were people living on a floor above us, but it got confusing because it was as if we were looking at their place to rent too. Our ceiling...their floor was not completely closed off, to give an "airy" feel to it, so it seemed as if it was intended as one unit instead of two. We sat down at a table to write up a contract with the realtors. They initially had a number of $900/month on it, but one of the realtors said that we weren't buying the house, just renting it, so it would be a different amount. I was still satisfied that it would be lower than what we pay per month on our current house, as it seemed as a rather posh place.

The next part of the dream was really hard to was as if we were living in the house described in the last dream, but just in the basement. We were also engaged in illegal activites, but I think we might have just been play acting it as well. It was too surreal to describe.

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