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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Tangerine and hurt dog leg"

DREAM: Tangerine and hurt dog leg

I found an ibook in some store that looked like mine (tangerine) except it was smaller in circumference but thicker, almost roundish. It was only $62, and it had 622 megs of RAM (on an original mode ibook?!!!). I asked a salesperson why it was so cheap, an they told me it had rusted. I started it up and it seemed to work. I was thinking of buying it, even though it was "rusty."

We were sitting on a bench on a sidewalk somewhere, in fact, maybe the sidewalk was in our own back yard. You know how they plant trees in sidewalks in cities, and then they put some grating around the tree with rocks in it? There was one of those trees with grating on the sidewalk, and Plato tripped in the grating because it was broken, and Stan said Plato hurt his leg. I didn't notice Plato walking funny, so I assumed nothing was broken, but I told Stan that he had to fix the grating.

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