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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Sorry!"


You might think everythin is about music? None of the lines I gave you were from songs, so your gurss is right. Not guessing anything is the correct answer. Sorry I gave you the impression these lines were guesses, because I was only saying; I hoped I got them right.

Sorry that my guess at this one was wrong, and I'll try again.

'Pink Floyd:
I to be extensive in the darkside of month and see
Eclipse, from Dark Side of the Moon'

Now my guess is Brain Damage!

This is my prefered language of Babelizone.

Ho voglio leggere del Siciliano, ma Italiano e molto bene!

Translated - I wish to write some Sicilian, but Italian is very good.

Ho bisogno di un poco tempo lavorare a quei seguenti.

Translated -

I need a little time to work on the next ones.

I knew word except 'seguenti'.

By Stan @ 20:45 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..