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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Weird triangle thing"

DREAM - Weird triangle thing

I think the first part of this dream was creepage from what was on the radio this morning. I was sitting on a train (!?!) and there was a man sitting across from me and he was discussing religion and defending the morality of atheism. (end talk radio creep) Then I was in a large public restroom with many stalls and sinks; everything was a dull grey green color I needed to brush my teeth. Then for some reason, I was downtown in Madison and needed to take a large construction item home with me. It was triangular, made out of metal. Like three rulers or levels attached together in a triangular shape, several feet long. The only way to carry it was to put it around my body and carry it like a purse with a shoulder strap. It was very heavy. I was walking up the hills in the capital area and found myself at an intersection with East Washington...I don't know the cross street I was on...Blair? Blount? Hancock? One of those. I crossed the street right as the light turned yellow and had to wait in the median to get to the other side. I was wearing a long cotton skirt (odd for me) but had to sit down because the triangle thing was too heavy. I thought I should take a bus home. I finally got across to the other side, but that's all I remember because I woke up and IRL my right hand and finger were really sore.

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