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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - sick dog and sick blackemailer"

DREAM - sick dog and sick blackemailer

OK, first some background info on the very short first part of the dream: Last night I was playing with Lucifer Sam, throwing those fluorescent pom poms at his face and then he'd fetch them. Well, the orange one, which was about two inches in diameter, was getting all dirty with floor and slobbery with drool, so Stan got out some "fresh" pink pom poms, but these were quite a bit smaller, like only 1 inch in diameter. I told him that we really should get a new bag of larger ones. Now in the past, the late Hieronymus would chew on these 1" poms (making the most disgusting teeth-squeaking noise in the process), and Lucifer Sam, being a Pug, started doing the same thing. With a difference. Lucifer Sam swallowed two of them. Now this had/has me sort of freaked out, hoping they will pass safely through his digestive tract (he swallowed a bowl of cherry pits last week, BTW). So here goes the dream:

Lucifer Sam looked like he had an upset stomach.

Yes, that is all I can remembr of the first part of the dream. Told you it was short.

On to the next part of the dream:

I received a most disturbing email, which was in html format. it contained nude photographs of Stan and I at a party back in the 80s (we were never nude at a party, but we did take some nude pictures of ourselves as source material for paintings back in the day when I painted figures. It was all artistic and not pornographic in the slightest). There was also some really derogatory stuff written about us, making fun of us and how we liked Pink Floyd. I realized that the person who sent out this email probably sent out this email to as many people as they had email addresses.

OK, Stan, guess who sent out the email.


Is this person someone we are currentently friends with?

Posted by Stan @ 07:25:2003:10:11 PM CST


Posted by Ann @ 07:25:2003:10:13 PM CST

Is this someone we use to be friends with in CO.

Posted by Stan @ 07:25:2003:10:14 PM CST


Posted by Ann @ 07:25:2003:10:15 PM CST

Is this person now living on the West Coast?

Posted by Stan @ 07:25:2003:10:17 PM CST

You betcha. Wow, that was an easy one.

Posted by Ann @ 07:25:2003:10:18 PM CST

Cool! and in this person's case all I can think to say is 'how pathetic'.

Posted by Stan @ 07:25:2003:10:20 PM CST

It was only a dream, Stan. But it was frighteningly realistic while it was happening.

Posted by Ann @ 07:25:2003:10:20 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:45 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..